Meet the Body & Express the Soul

TRE Tension & Trauma Release Exercises   Therapeutic Massage & Visual Resourcing.

Therapies and Practices to release tension, stress and trauma, to nurture a sense of safety in the body, allowing consciousness of the soul to grow, blossom and express itself into life.


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I specialise in helping people address issues of:

Stress & Tension



Trauma, including developmental trauma, complex trauma, shock trauma and PTSD 

Anxiety related to sports and the performing arts.

Treatments & Prices

I have developed a practice that can help people regain a sense of safety in their bodies so that the unique individual consciousness of that person, the soul, can grow and blossom and fully express itself in life.  The modalities that I work with, I am behind 100%, because they have worked in my life to help me feel safe, valued and joyful.   

I offer TRE (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises), Brainspotting therapy and Therapeutic Touch as individual stand alone treatments or as a combination.  You choose what treatments you would like as part of your healing process.  I use a sliding scale  for all practices and treatments, this is to allow lower earners an opportunity to access therapy at an affordable price. Please contact me if you need a concessionary rate.  Please be aware when booking a treatment, that there is a cancellation charge for treatments cancelled within 48 hours of booked date.



TRE (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises). I offer  Individual sessions, the first session lasts for two hours, and costs £65 follow on sessions are 90 minutes and cost £50.  I also offer sessions for couples and small groups of up to 4 people and a monthly workshop, look on the events page for more details and you can find out more about my TRE practice on

Brainspotting Therapy

Brainspotting is a body-brain based relational therapy.  I offer individual sessions.  The first session will last for 90 minutes and will include a health questionnaire and costs £65.  Follow on  sessions last for an hour and cost £50.  

Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic touch can be lovely to receive at the end of a TRE session or as a gentle and soothing treatment on it's own. You have a choice of a treatment lasting 30 minutes costing £30 or an hour long costing £50.