Meet the Body & Express the Soul

TRE Tension & Trauma Release Exercises   Therapeutic Massage & Visual Resourcing.

Therapies and Practices to release tension, stress and trauma, to nurture a sense of safety in the body, allowing consciousness of the soul to grow, blossom and express itself into life.


Treatments & Prices

I offer TRE (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises) Therapeutic Touch and Visual Resourcing as individual stand alone treatments or as a combination.  You choose what treatments you would like as part of your healing process.  I use a sliding scale and charge from £30  to £50  per hour for all practices and treatments, this is to allow lower earners an opportunity to access therapy at an affordable price. 



TRE (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises). I offer individual sessions and sessions for couples and also a monthly workshop. The first session lasts for two hours, follow on sessions are 90 minutes. You can find out more about my TRE practice on

Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic touch can be lovely to receive a the end of a TRE session or as a gentle and soothing treatment on it's own. You have a choice of a treatment lasting 30 minutes, an hour or 90 minutes.

Visual Resourcing

Visual Resourcing is a wonderful addition to TRE and Therapeutic Touch, creating a sense of safety in your environment using positive images and words collected and collated by you, to bring a smile to your face and heart. The first session takes 2 hours and the length of follow on sessions if required are chosen by you.