Meet the Body & Express the Soul​

Therapies and Practices to release tension, stress and trauma, to nurture a sense of safety in the body, allowing consciousness of the soul to grow, blossom and express itself into life. Read below to find out more.


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Therapies and practices to release, tension, stress and trauma and nurture a sense of safety in the body.  Allowing consciousness of the soul to grow, blossom and express itself into life.

TRE (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises)

TRE (Tension & trauma Release Exercises) is a series of seven exercises devised by Dr David Bercelli, to stretch and tire the hip flexor muscles and activate the natural shaking mechanism in the body to release chronic held tension patterns. It is a safe and natural process and once learnt, the exercises can be done on your own at home or/ and in a group with a TRE provider. For more information on TRE go to The first session with me lasts for 2 hours and includes a health questionnaire, subsequent sessions are 90 minutes.

Brainspotting Therapy

Brainspotting is a brain-body based relational therapy. Developed by David Grand, it is described in a sentence as "where you look affects how you feel" and "what's in the brain is in the body and what is in the body is in the brain"  The foundation of brainspotting lies in creating an atmosphere of safety and attunement between the therapist and the client.   Brainspots are then identified as a way into working with an activated issue, the therapist follows the client's lead in establishing what is going on in the body sensation and emotionally as the client fixes attention on a spot in their visual field.  The process is able to work on the subcortical layers of the brain, where areas of held trauma can be healed and resolved. To find out more about brainspottting you can  go to  I have trained with both Mark Grixti and David Grand and you can listen to both of them sharing about brainspotting at this link