Meet the Body & Express the Soul​

Therapies and Practices to release tension, stress and trauma, to nurture a sense of safety in the body, allowing consciousness of the soul to grow, blossom and express itself into life. Read below to find out more.


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Therapies and practices to release, tension, stress and trauma and nurture a sense of safety in the body.  Allowing consciousness of the soul to grow, blossom and express itself into life.

TRE (Tension & Trauma Release Exercises)

TRE (Tension & trauma Release Exercises) is a series of seven exercises devised by Dr David Bercelli, to stretch and tire the hip flexor muscles and activate the natural shaking mechanism in the body to release chronic held tension patterns held there. It is a safe and natural process and once learnt the exercises can be done on your own at home or/ and in a group with a TRE provider. For more information on TRE go to The first session with me lasts for 2 hours and includes a health questionnaire, subsequent sessions are 90 minutes.

Therapeutic Touch

I have developed a therapeutic touch treatment that combines my skill and experience of therapeutic massage and healing techniques. The treatment focuses on holding and touching the body in a gentle and loving way as if you are a baby. You are fully clothed and lying on a futon, the treatment can be combined with TRE or you can have it as a stand alone treatment. This treatment is especially beneficial to people who were deprived of gentle loving touch as babies and children, receiving it as adults can have a soothing and healing effect on the nervous system and in the being of a person. A treatment can take from 30 minutes to an hour depending on what you need.

Visual Resourcing

Identifying anything in your life that supports you and makes you feel safe is resourcing. Visual resourcing takes this process a step further and after identifying these resources you collect images to create a Visual Resource board that acts as an anchor for grounding positive messages of safety into your home environment. I will guide you through this process of identifying a list of key resources, then you will collect images in your own time and collate them either on your own or have follow on sessions with me to create your board. An initial session will last for 2 hours and follow on sessions are however long you need.